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Species: Euglandina singleyana

Striate Wolf Snail, Euglandina singleyana (Binney, 1892).

                        Striate Wolf Snail collected in northern San Antonio, Texas. (5.1 cm)

The Striate Wolf Snail, formerly known as Singley's Glandina, is a smaller member of the family Spiraxidae native to west Texas.  It is on the IUCN Red List as a threatened species due to habitat destruction, pollution, and predation by rodents.  Finding one in its natural habitat can be extremely difficult, requiring hours of effort and near-perfect weather conditions.  Most of those that can be found are juveniles and empty shells that show signs of attack from rats and birds.  Live adult specimens are rare, but not shy; when roused, they become very active, gliding around, exploring their surroundings, and looking for food.  They tend to reside under dead wood or stones.  

                                 This is an officially threatened species.  If you find one, leave it be.  

         Two specimens displaying signs of rodent predation (chew marks)               Largest specimen:  5.49 cm tall


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