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Where to get wolf snails

Unfortunately, there are no official suppliers of wolf snails in the US or anywhere else. 

I am not a breeder. I do not sell or ship snail specimens. 

However, you are welcome to explore your own property, neighborhood parks, and public lands (where such activity is legal) to find and collect wolf snails for yourself. 

Wolf snails are generally nocturnal, coming out on warm, wet nights to hunt. During the day, they can be found nestled in the dirt under fallen logs, thick leaf detritus, and low bushes. They tend to like quiet, wooded areas near sources of water such as creeks, ditches, and bayous.  

Wolf snails are fragile creatures, and so is the species as a whole. If you are able to find wolf snails by searching their natural habitats, please limit yourself to just a few adult specimens to allow the remaining population to sustain and replace their numbers.  

When two or more adult wolf snails are placed in a clean container overnight, they will often mate with each other on instinct. Releasing pregnant wolf snails into your yard or garden will increase your chances of establishing a viable population on your property.

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