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Species: Olygyra orbiculata

Globular Drop, Olygyra orbiculata (Say, 1818).

Globular Drop Snails are usually found in wooded areas near freshwater creeks and rivers.  They are also prominent in prairie habitats and mesquite forests.   They have one pair of tentacles, and the eyes are located just behind the tentacle base.  The body is a translucent gray color.  The shell varies little in size; color, on the other hand, is highly variable, ranging from red to orange, yellow, purple-gray, and mossy green.  They also display a wide range of patterns, including dark specks, mottled spots, and often a single broad stripe. Most specimens, however, are a solid white color.  The Globular Drop is one of the few terrestrial mollusks to sport an operculum.  This allows them to survive arid conditions and dry spells.
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